Creative Krispies

Creative Krispies

Last night I made the offspring some Rice Krispie Treats.  I used the new red, white, and blue Rice Krispies.  Look for them at Walmart!

Olivia told me that she wanted me to make them in a creative shape.  Are you kidding me?  After a long day of cleaning which I always end up doing all summer since I am off from teaching, I was not sculpting my dessert like a TV food show contestant.  She’s lucky to be getting a three-ingredient anything.  However, a little maternal guilt kicked in and I never want to back down from a challenge, so I blobbed them in a pan and dug out all of our old cake toppers and created a vignette.


Then, the kicker was that I made them tell me an extemporaneous creative story to describe the events in the pan before they could eat it.  Pretty sure I traumatized some of Davis’ more timid guests, however a few rose to the challenge and we had some interesting tales from time travel to treasure hunting as only a teen can describe.


I finally let them eat after exhausting their creative reserves.  As Patch the Pirate would say, “Stop running a rig and give me some grog and hardtack.”  or maybe he would just tell Dora to “shake a leg and get the tractor off me treats.”


All I know is to be careful what you wish for around here because you will get your heart’s desire but there might end up being little twist to the request.  You’ve been warned.

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