Cheese Biscuits

Savory Cheese Biscuits

In my dream job I own a Biscuit Bus and I travel the United States serving hot Cheese Biscuits at every festival and fair in every small town.  It’s a fantasy, but a fun one to think about while I am sitting through my meetings and professional training at my current job.  I can envision the sights of America through my bus window while I dish up paper boats of biscuits and gravy, or sweet cream biscuits with jelly.  I’ll even come park in your driveway and wake you up with steaming hot coffee and these delicious Cheese Biscuits.

Over a hundred years ago, biscuits were originally considered a storable version of bread.  They were easy to transport and didn’t crush or break apart while on horseback.  Soldiers often took biscuits in their knapsacks because they traveled well and were easy to eat. Yet another reason I need to have a biscuit bus.  Even people a century ago were thinking the same as I am.  Traveling and  biscuits are a perfect combination.

Beyond the Basic Buttermilk Biscuit

Once you have mastered the basic plain biscuit, you will want to add a few specialty biscuits to your cooking repertoire.  The Cheese Biscuit is the perfect addition to your recipe box.  It tastes just like a classic Southern cheese straw and is perfect for breakfast, brunch, or brinner (breakfast for dinner.) I like cheddar biscuits but have been known to use whatever cheese I have on hand to make these Cheese Biscuits.

Cheese Biscuits are Delicate but Satisfying

Even with the addition of cheese, these bus-worthy Cheese Biscuits remain light and fluffy.  They are perfect alongside eggs in the morning or great as a bread for sandwiches.  Try chopping some ham and adding mayonnaise and relish to make a ham spread.  It’s a delicious combination.  I also like spreading these with strawberry jam for a sweet and savory treat.

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